Hacked: Immersive Escape Experience

selected date: 4 December 2020

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Hacked: Immersive Escape Experience

Hacked: Immersive Escape Experience is an ideal game for friends, family or colleagues who look for something fun to do during their visit to Giethoorn.

A group of hackers are currently working on the largest identity fraud ever done. They aim for innocent civilians and have different secret locations throughout the world. The data they capture gives them access to everything, but in the end they don’t pay for anything. In this way the bills are piling up rapidly…

Due to the growing number of tourists, the hackers have recently made it to Giethoorn. They book holiday homes, dinners and cruises, but all in someone else’s name. People are wrongly being labeled as defaulters.

There are indications that there is a secret hacker location in Giethoorn”, but the exact location is currently still untraceable. Your help is needed for this! The park manager is looking for people who have fallen victim to the fraud or who want to prevent the fraud from spreading. All help with the investigation is welcome.