Ottersloep Giethoorn

selected date: 19 October 2020
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Ottersloep Giethoorn

🌍 Giethoorn
✅ 1-8 persons
✅ electric propulsion
✅ cushions
✅ steering wheel

The aluminum Ottersloep is specially designed for the shallow waters of De Weerribben and De Wieden. Thanks to the electric drive you can enjoy even more of the nature around you. Each Ottersloep is 7.50 meters long and has 8 seats. 

Pay attention! You are not allowed to sail through the village canal of Giethoorn with the otter sloop.

Never sailed? The Ottersloep is easy to operate. After a brief explanation you are ready for a cruise through one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands.