Prison Break Escape Game

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Prison Break Escape Game

Prison Break Escape Game

🌍 Paasloo - Prison Break Paasloo
✅ Sensational Escape Game
✅ Hot consumption
✅ Multiple expansion options
✅ Possible from 10 people (€ 205)

Prison break Paasloo is a unique, sensational escape game in which you fight against each other in different teams to be the first to escape from the hands of the strict wardens. Collaborating with your teammates is important here. Will you and your team manage to escape from the bus and reach the getaway car through the forest?

The driver of the getaway car is willing to lend a hand, but only if you know how to tell him the password. To find out the password, you have to take on the necessary challenges along the way and keep your cool, otherwise one of the other teams will be ahead of you and you will still be in jail that same evening.

To be included when booking (second page)

- Afternoon tea (women's wing)
- Dinner & Lunch (Lifelong)
- 1.5 hours of free drinks + snacks (Nothing but freedom)
- Prison Rebellion (arrowbattle)
- Kickbike flight clinic
- Prison Escape Challenge (1.5 hours)
- Prison Workshop
- Barbecue / Buffet or Menu
- Coffee table or Luxury Lunch
- Drinks & Snack packages
- Desserts & appetizers