Cold Case Giethoorn

select date: 19 January 2022

Cold Case Giethoorn

Person from 12 years old
Children from 3-11
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Cold Case Giethoorn

Cold Case Giethoorn

🌍 Giethoorn
✅ Detective Game Giethoorn
✅ Challenging puzzles and assignments
✅ Includes GameApp and Materials
✅ A warm drink with farmer's chunk
✅ Burgers & Grill burger special of your choice with a portion of fries


Always wanted to be Sherlock Holmes? Grab your chance now and play the Detective game. This interactive outing is suitable for any friends, company or family outing. The Detective Game is played with a team (2-6 people). The aim of the game is to solve three cold cases. The central question is who committed the crime when, with what and in what location.

Reception in Giethoorn
Reception in Giethoorn with a warm drink with farmer's chunk

Detective Game
Armed with the GameApp, you set off. While walking through the village you visit the most beautiful places in the village and in the meantime you have to try to solve the 3 cold cases. By solving puzzles, questions, brain teasers and assignments you solve the various crimes one by one.

Burgers & Grill burger special of your choice with a portion of fries.

The above program is the standard order of the package, if you want to start with the burgers & Grill Burgerspecial, please indicate this in the extra information.

FEATURES Detective Game

Solving 3 cold cases with your team
Challenging puzzles and assignments along the way
Includes Game Material
Free use Games app
Duration Game +/- 1.5 to 2 hours
Own smartphone + data bundle