Evening Chopper Tour

select date: 20 January 2022
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Evening Chopper Tour

Evening Chopper Tour

🌍 Giethoorn - Restaurant Dutch Venice
✅ Chopper trip
✅ Consumption
✅ Sloop sailing


17:45 - Reception with explanation Chopper & Directions

18:00 - Chopper Driving
Departure with the sturdy E-chopper through the beautiful area of ​​Giethoorn and Weerribben-Wieden for a 1.5-hour trip.

19:30 - Consumption on the terrace

20:00 - Sloop sailing
You set out in a luxury sloop for a beautiful 1.5-hour trip through Giethoorn and the Weerribben-Wieden nature reserve

21:30 - End of package