Giethoorn Tourgame

select date: 18 January 2022

Giethoorn Tourgame

children 3-11
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Giethoorn Tourgame

Giethoorn Tourgame

✅ Interactive tour of approximately 2 hours
✅ Walking route 1 hour
✅ An electrical boat for 1 hour
✅ Use of professional Loquiz app

An interactive tour that will show you the most beautiful parts of Giethoorn by foot and by boat. We rent the boat for you!
In the TourGame we will guide you through Giethoorn by foot and by boat (you have to sail yourself). We will tell you all kinds of information about Giethoorn and about the history of Giethoorn.

You need to collect enough points to find the location of the finish! You can earn these points by correctly answering as many questions, (location) assignments, puzzles and riddles (about Giethoorn) as possible along the way.

How many points do you manage to collect?


• Duration approximately 2 to 3 hours
• Tour by boat and foot
• Own smartphone + data
• Free use of Loquiz app
• Get as many points as possible

A team consists of max 6 people.
You will receive 1 game set per team