Guided Bus Tour Weerribben

select date: 18 October 2021
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Guided Bus Tour Weerribben

Guided Bus Tour Weerribben

A tour of one and a half hour through the northern part of the Weerribben-Wieden National Park, the largest wetland in Western Europe. We tell you about the origin and history of the area, the water villages, the dyeing and the reed cultivation.

The tour takes you through the beautiful wetlands with its unique flora and fauna, water features, reed fields and mills, the characteristic coulisse landscape with its farms. During the tour you will see the estate 'Heerlijkheid De Eese' with its stately forests and beautiful buildings, the Unesco World Heritage 'The Colonies of Benevolence' and the fortified city of Steenwijk.

The luxury 18-person buses are equipped with an audio system, whereby the tour is offered in several languages. The buses are equipped with air conditioning and privacy glass.

The tour shows the highlights of the Weerribben-Wieden National Park, including the water villages and fortified towns. Here unique culture, enchanting nature and special history alternate. During the tour there are stops where there is an opportunity to take photos.

Along the way you will see:
- National Park de Weerribben
- Unesco World Heritage Colonies of Goodwill
- Thatched roofs
- Village Nederland, blokzijl, Muggebeet and much more
- New nature
- WaterMills
- Heerlijkheid de Eese
- Fortified city Steenwijk