High Service

High Tea
An extensive variety of various sweet and savory treats, including deluxe sandwiches, scones, muffins, marmalades and sour cream.
The high tea is served in two courses. A combination with a high beer / wine is also possible.

High Wine
A 3-course tasting, where you will be served a glass of wine with accompanying delicacies from the pastry chef per course. Enjoy in the lounge or on the terrace.

High Beer
A 3-course tasting, where you taste a special beer with accompanying delicacies per course. Great for on the terrace or in the lounge by the fireplace.

High Child
A special tasting for your children so that they can also participate

Combinations with high tea and high wine possible. Also possible non-alcoholic.

price per person:
€ 23,50
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