Walking dinner

select date: 18 January 2022
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Walking dinner

Walking dinner

🌍 Giethoorn
✅ 3-course dinner
✅ Village Walk around
✅ 3 restaurants


17:00 – Reception in Giethoorn at Grand Cafe Fanfare
Here you will get with a delicious appetizer. and enjoy the special ambiance of this special Grand Café.

After the starter you walk through the center of Giethoorn to Restaurant De Rietstulp. During the walk you can answer all kinds of fun questions and solve puzzles about Giethoorn and much more.

18:00 – Main course at Restaurant de Rietstulp
At this nice restaurant in an old converted farm you will be served a delicious main course. You can choose from meat, fish or vegetarian.

After the main course you continue walking along the boulevard and along the canal. now you can learn more about Giethoorn with the interactive tour.

19:30 – Dessert at Restaurant de Witte Hoeve
At this cozy restaurant located on the village canal of Giethoorn you will enjoy a delicious dessert

After dessert you walk along the village canal over the bridge and past the typical farms back to the starting point. Back at the starting point you have your fill and you know everything about Giethoorn. How many points have you scored?

- This package does not include drinks, these must be paid for at the various restaurants.