Enjoy Together

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Enjoy Together

Enjoy Together

🌍 Giethoorn - Arendshorst Buitenactiviteiten
✅ Whisper boat trip
✅ Picnic basket
✅ Archery

A few hours of wonderful whispering in the characteristic water village of Giethoorn, while enjoying lunch together along the way. As soon as you have set foot back ashore, archery is on the program.


10:00 - Whisper rafting including packed lunch
You can go out with a whisper boat. You will receive a route map for a 3-hour cruise. Along the way there are several spots where you can moor to enjoy lunch together, which includes a ball of ham, cheese, piece of fruit, can of soda and a candy bar.

13:00 - Archery
Archery consists of an extensive explanation, a competition round with 10 arrows and an award ceremony.

14:00 End of package