Giethoorn Solex Tour

select date: 22 January 2022

Giethoorn Solex Tour

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Giethoorn Solex Tour

Giethoorn Solex Tour

🌍 Giethoorn
✅ Lunch - Twelve o'clock
✅ Solex Tour
✅ Snack & Drink


12:00 - Lunch
A cup of soup, croquette, two sandwiches, coffee, tea or a glass of milk

13:00 - Solex tour
Solex riding is a hilarious activity for young and old. We offer you the opportunity to (re) discover this moped.
After the explanation you will make the trip of about 25 kilometers and in this way you will discover Giethoorn and its surroundings in a fun way. While purring you can enjoy everything around you, together with friends, family or colleagues. We have various routes varying in route and distance.
Driving a Solex one hour longer costs € 6.00 extra per person.

PAY ATTENTION! We drive with authentic Solexes. A splash of oil or dirt can be released. So think of appropriate clothing / footwear. Every participant must be in possession of a valid driver's license or moped certificate.

15:00 - Drinks on the terrace
Sit down while enjoying a snack and a drink

You can book this package directly here for up to 20 people. If you are with more people or if you want more information, you can find it here or make a request

You can book this package directly up to 3 days before the desired date. If you are too late to book immediately, please contact us. (✉️ or ☎️ +31 (0) 521 36 0099)