VR Detective diner

select date: 17 September 2021
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VR  Detective diner

VR Detective diner

Do you solve the mystery?

After a pleasant welcome in our Bistro, the atmosphere quickly changes when it appears that a crime has taken place!
Who committed this horrible murder and how could this happen?

You have to work together to solve the murder. Where was the murder committed, what is the motive and the murder weapon?
Armed with VR glasses and props, you rise to the challenge. Solve spicy riddles and unravel the mystery surrounding this murder!

Meanwhile a nice diner
Solving such a murder makes you hungry. Meanwhiles you will therefore be served a delicious dinner,
spread over 3 courses:

Appetizer: Well-filled tomato soup or mustard soup
Main course: Build your own Burger with 1 side dish
Dessert: Dame blanche